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Established in the year 1907 Amica is one of the oldest mutual insurer of automobile in the US. Besides this it is the express writer of automobile insurance coverage. Amica insurance company is well-known in the insurance business for its financial stability and an outstanding customer oriented service.
out of 599 user reviews

Insurance Coverage

The eventual rating of Amica car insurance provider is 94 points out of a benchmark of 100. The score is undoubtedly a good one and are based on parameters like affordability, customer reviews as well as its financial stability when compared to the other best automobile insurance companies in the industry as a whole. The competitors include Mercury, USAA, Country financial and Progressive. Below are the standards that have been worth considering before providing an outstanding rating to Amica car insurance company.

The vehicle insurance coverage that is eventually provided by Amica car insurance company are somewhat of the same set when compared t other insurance companies in the nation. Of these the most common coverage that is provided by Amica to honor its customers is:

  • bodily injury liability.
  • property damage liability.
  • uninsured motorist bodily injury.
  • uninsured motorist property damage.
  • collision coverage plan and.
  • Comprehensive coverage plan.

Coverage Options

Here are a number of attractive coverage added which are offered by Amica. Above and beyond the typical coverage such as the uninsured motorist coverage, bodily injury and property damage coverage, coverage, collision and comprehensive coverage, as well as the medical coverage, here are some thrilling additional options, you must note down:

Roadside Assistance: This program has been developed to provide assistance to the customers in cases of emergency like dead battery or flat tyre when you are in transit, other major repair issues like running out of fuel or gas.

Prestige Rental Coverage:  This plan has been designed to provide assistance to the customers to pay car lease expenses when their own car has been sent to the service center for repairing purpose.

Full Glass Cover: This is another best plan offered by Amica when you have cracked the glass of the window or windshield of the car. Total coverage is taken care by Amica at no cost.

Fraud Monitoring: There are certain personal and confidential information that needs to be kept secret between you and the company without any interference of the third party. In case of leakage of such vital information, Amica turns around to inform you immediately about the state of affairs.


Amica Insurance Company when compared to other big market insurers in the insurance sector, the rating comes to a total of 4 points out of 5. The score however depicts that Amica is costly than many other insurance providing companies, yet affordable. The coverage plans are much affordable with the multi-line discount, which the potential customers get when combining auto insurance with home policies.

As per the reported Amica car insurance reviews, the discounts offered by Amica are as follows:

  • Auto Pay
  • Electronic Billing
  • Defensive Driver Courses
  • Homeowner
  • Good Student
  • Up-Front Payment
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Long Distance Student
  • Internal Safety Features
  • Multi-Vehicle Policy
  • Multi-Line Policy
  • Young Driver Training
  • Anti-Theft Devices

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 
out of 599 user reviews

Parameters contributing to the customer satisfaction ratings of Amica based on surveys conducted on a scale of 10. Here are few of them discussed below with standard ratings against each of them:

Premium Affordability - 8

Claims Process - 9.2

Ease of Setup - 9.3

Discount Satisfaction - 7.9

Customer Service - 9.1

In particular the customer satisfaction rating of Amica insurance is 4.3 points in 5. This is certainly a good consideration worth giving a look.  Customers are the number-one priority of Amica and thus it has backed a good rating in satisfying its customers.

Survey Review Data

Financial Stability

Financial Stability Rating: 
out of 599 user reviews

The fiscal solidity rating for Amica car insurance is also reasonably soaring and rose at 4.5 out of 5 which are totally based on the company’s property, resources as well as its claim process. The total assets and resources by Amica is stable enough to pay the claims raised by the customers at large and this is why it is able to bag a 4.5 rating.


There is an official helpline number at (800) 242-6422 where you can get in touch with the Amica officials for your accurate Amica car insurance quote.  However, you may also benefit by comparing the quotes that are basically provided by other insurance companies in the market. Making a list of questionnaires and set it in your mind will never let you go through the comparison part. Amica also offers the route to comparison with other auto insurance companies that welcome you with cheap and affordable rates. You must also take in consideration about the premium coverage and additional coverage extended by Amica car insurance.

Contact Info

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Customer Service Phone: 

100 Amica Way,

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